Quality VR4RS/EVO1-3 turbo gasket set with

1) turbo oil drain

2) compressor outlet

3) turbo to dump

4) turbo to manifold

  This EVO kit



EVO4-9 turbo gasket set.




 VR4/EVO 4G63 DOHC exhaust manifold gasket




 Starion/Cordia 4G63 SOHC exhaust manifold gasket

(note: use heatshield from old gasket)




 Subaru WRX turbo in/out gasket kit

(these are high quality multilayer steel)

 WRX kit



High quality turbo gasket set to suit Garrett T25 and T28 turbochargers such as used on 200SX (S14,S15), Silvia and 180SX using the SR20 engine. These are OEM quality stainless steel gaskets.

Note: the dump gasket does not fit the GT28RS turbo as one stud location is different.


gasket kit