The GTP6208 is a TD06SL2-20G 8cm2 external gate turbocharger. It uses TRUST type 3 bolt flanges.


The horse power range for these turbo's is around 450HP engine@ 24psi.


It features a TD06SL2 11 blade turbine wheel and 20G compressor wheel. The picture on the left compares the TD05H EVO3 turbine wheel and the TD06SL2.

Please contact us regarding specific options regarding this turbocharger.




This turbo is a direct replacment for a TRUST TD06SL2-20G but offers better spool!



 The GTP6208R is the same as the GTP6208 but uses a bigger compressor wheel.

The horse power range for these turbo's is around 500HP engine@ 24psi.


   TRUST HTA upgrades

We can upgrade exsiting TRUST turbos or supply various new TRUST style turbochargers with the latest Forced Performance HTA billet compressor wheels and advanced turbine wheels. This gives much improved performance without having to change your manifolds, etc. Turbo shown below is 73HTA-TD06 8cm. Contact regarding your particular TRUST turbocharger.