We have various upgrade turbine and compressor housings available

 TD05H VR4 - EVO1-3


 Our enhanced EVOIII upgrade TD05H 7cm2 turbine housing shown on the left. Stock VR4 Oz spec 6cm2 unit shown on the right. Has 34mm wastegate flapper with enlarger wastegate port for better boost control and "as cast" ported inlet.

 EVO3 upgrade turbine housing




 TD05HR EVO4-8


 MHI EVO8MR/EVO9 upgrade TD05HR 10.5cm2 single flapper turbine housing shown on the left.

These fit EVO4-EVO8

 EVO4-8 10.5 cm2 upgrade turbine housing



 We have TD06 compressor housings available these suit Mitsubishi TD/TC05/06 please contact us for more details.

(this one shown with wastegate bracket to suit Starion fitment)


Various types of TD06 compressor housings available this one has a 3" inlet